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Vancouver Parents Have Newer Options For Kids' Birthday Fun

Selecting the Best Magicians in Vancouver Canada

Most people believe that a party will be most enjoyable if there were entertainers who would liven up the atmosphere. And, the first thing they usually do is to look for and hire the best magicians in Vancouver.

A woman magic entertainer performs at a Burnaby church basement
However, many are having difficulties in Vancouver magicians to hire. The main reason for this is because they consider various factors, such as the cost and the number of positive reviews of the magicians. Hence, as consumers continue researching, they have problems finding the best magicians in Vancouver.

Taking Note of Facebook Likes

A great number of people at present have an account in the famous social networking site called Facebook. And they make use of Facebook, in order to find the best magicians in Vancouver.

Through Facebook, people have discovered that the best magicians in Vancouver, based on the number of page Likes, by type of magic show, are the following: Party Savers’ 3-Entertainer-Package; Party Savers’ Tableside Magic; and Party Savers’ Stage Magic.

The Importance of Cost or Hourly Rate / Hourly Fee

Then again, from the spreadsheet, a lot of people appear to like the best magicians in Vancouver with the lowest estimated fees.  Higher-priced Vancouver magicians, that were hired, have much lower of Facebook Likes. It can be deduced that the most possible explanation for this is because of the relative expensiveness of their shows.

Nevertheless, there are consumers who believe that the fees of entertainers are actually unimportant when it comes to selecting the best magicians in Vancouver. There are performers that offer low fees but have an unknown number of Likes, because they have not made their Facebook fan pages open to the public. Meanwhile, there are Vancouver magicians for hire that are very expensive, yet have more likes than the mid-priced magicians.

Considering Various Factors

It appears obvious that potential clients will look at the testimonials of the previous clients when it comes to finding the best magicians in Vancouver. And, consumers probably think that the most-liked Vancouver magicians are those that garnered excellent feedback from past consumers.

Another factor that is greatly considered by potential clients, when talking about Vancouver magicians to hire, is the type of magic being offered.

People may think, incorrectly, that the best magicians in Vancouver are fairly distributed, in respect to birthday, close-up, and stage performances. From the data on the comparison chart, it should be evident that it would not logical to compare one company from another, if they specialize in different fields of magic.

Negating the Purpose of Testimonials

Table-to-Table roving magic at a Lohri Punjabi celebration at a banquet hall
Meanwhile, there are a few consumers who do not actually base their preference on mere testimonials by people that they do not actually know. This can certainly be proven given that there are certain Vancouver magicians for hire that do not possess sample testimonial videos but still gathered a few Likes on their Facebook Page. Examples of these magicians are the following:, Clinton W. Gray, under closeup magic and Clinton W. Gray, under stage magic.

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