Best-Liked Magicians

How Can Consumers Find Vancouver's Best-Liked Magician?


Internet visualization tools make it much easier to discern trending sites and videos. These tools gather together into a stream of opinions and rants. In addition, video sharing sites have a “views” or “likes” counter. Youtube even has a trend-chart for most videos uploaded by its members.

This writer opines that there is a movement away from doves and cages at kids magic shows. It could be from a semi-fiction-looking movie released two years ago which showed that the doves were allegedly killed by the flattening of cages. It showed the magician having many doves that would each be bloodily killed by the magic trick.

Elmo replaces the clown pleasing even teenagers at a 1st birthday Filipino party
Another trend is the slackening interest in “disappearing Statue of Liberty” mega TV-based shows. This writer's view is that the public was infuriated when they read that the audience was sitting on a revolving stage, and obviously, the TV crew was totally “in” on the trickery. As such, the public may now have a jaundiced view of TV magic shows, perhaps labeling them, mentally, as “fakes”, and a mental-insult to the audience, too.

The current economic recession has forced prices downward, as well, for many performers, not just magicians. The State of California is about to run out of money. There are another 13 state governments that are in similar financial conditions. Magicians who charged $800 for a birthday magic show are facing competition from $75/hour magicians with great reviews & testimonials from their audience.

In Vancouver, clowns and jugglers providers are sometimes surprised that ritzy golf and country clubs are taking months to pay for entertainment services.

The City of Surrey is no longer hiring entertainers for its festivals. These days, face painters are expected to pay the festival organizers for the privilege of setting up a temporary-tattoo tent. Hence, the face painters have to charge the public at large; whereas, for as long as we can remember, face painters provided free services at community festivals.

Yelling Robot Races are fun for all ages
Families are asking for value, real value, for their money. They no longer always want some glib card magic tricks because of the linkage of card tricks to gambling addiction and casino trickery on its patrons, as we have read in several books --- apparently some casinos allegedly sometimes employ “mechanics” (cheating card dealers) to “break” a patron's lucky streak.

The data on the chart suggests that positive reviews for magicians appear to result from a combination of very low prices, the right tricks, and a performance mission other than just fooling people with tricks. For example, one Vancouver group (the Party Savers) has an actual mission statement, to create happy memories for kids, and raise their self-esteem.