DIY Magic Shows


As parents, we can not control everything our child sees, hears or thinks but there is much we can do. The first 5-10 years of a child are the foundation for a positive self-esteem creation; it is the age of making, producing and designing; it is the stage of life which children grow and learn quickly. A child may be blessed with intelligence and talent but the lack of self-esteem can be an obstacle to succeed in a job, a relationship and in virtually all areas of life. The kids aged 5-10 years are influenced by what other people think of them and this is why is very important for the parents to teach the child to have self-esteem.

At the age of 5-10 years, the children begin to rebuild their concept or reality, based on the premise that things are not what they are, but what they should be; and that things should not be imagined as they were shown; but how they should be.

Backyard DIY magic show performed by a professional magician, making it appear that the audience is doing all the magic. Only one Vancouver group of entertainers specializes in DIY magic shows, because a DIY magic show runs counter to traditional magic shows.
The DIY magic shows represent and reveals the profound reason behind reality and it exercises your kids' self-esteem.  This is carefully achieved by coaching and assigning a magician role to the kids where they can actively practice, contribute and participate in the magician show as the magicians themselves. This ' hats' swap' between the kids and the magician is an experience which enrich your kids self-esteem and practically empower them to learn and share with others their knowledge. A kid of 5-10 years is influenced by what other people think of them and this is why it is important to teach the child to have self-esteem. The DIY magic provides the perfect environment and circumstances which are perfect for the parents to be proud of their kids autonomy, and observe their persistence in getting the 'magic' right.

As we all know, the kids aged 5-10 years are very creative. They spend more time playing in activities that require attention, such as fitting small pieces, cut, collage and drawing. Based on that, DIY magic shows are capable to enhance your child listening skills and attention to detail; the kids are able to develop more control over their actions and movements.

Kids at that age love to be invited by adults to make small tasks; Even if the results were not satisfactory, DIY magic shows creates the moment and encourage collaboration valuing what the kids do. This is absolutely important as children learn at different paces by watching and participating in the activities of adults and older children.

The suggestion and recommendation is that parents should consider DIY magic shows as part of the program and development for their 5-10 years old children; mainly because DIY magic shows are not another 'bunch' of activities to entertain; they are activities with an underline purpose behind as explained in this article.